Hello, I'm Kimberly.

This photo was taken outside of the Cannon Bldg on Capital Hill during Advocacy Day I attended, along with the Nonprofit I support, The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Welcome to The Purposeful Advocate blog.

I’m a pancreatic cancer advocate committed to raising awareness about this lethal disease.  My goal is to educate those who have not been personally affected by this disease, as I believe education, knowledge, and awareness are the key ingredients to effecting change.  

I’ll explain why and how I became an advocate through my blog entries.  In the meantime, I’ll share a few boring bullet points about me.

  • married to a wonderful man, Jake

  • have three adorable nieces and two handsome nephews (Madelyn, Annie, Isla, Hudson, Eason, names included as I’m likely to mention all the above in the blog)

  • love my job but I’ll spare the details of what I do, as most find it insanely boring

  • live a few blocks from Lake Michigan in northern IL, love the Lake and my community

  • an avid reader

  • Malcolm Gladwell tops my list of “people I’d love to meet.”

  • a “plant whisperer” with plants in every room of my house.  (I talk to all of them daily in a sane kind of way).

  • intensely loyal to family and friends.  If you’re on my list, I have your back, regardless.

This is my first blog.  Expect a bumpy ride, at least for a few months.  I’m not sure how it will develop, but I have a clear goal, and I suppose that’s what matters.

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