How You Can Help in 30--Seconds

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

I need your help, and it only takes 30-seconds. Seriously.

How can you help in 30-seconds?

Pancreatic cancer desperately needs more funding. To make this happen, please click on here, enter your name and address, and then submit. That's literally all you have to do!

Drafted by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan), this letter communicates what is needed and why it's urgent. Your message will go directly to your Senators and Representative (PanCan has it set up so that the address entered funnels the message to your Congressmen/women).

What is the letter's message?

In summary, the letter asks your Congressmen/women to create a dedicated pancreatic cancer research program and to help advocate for this disease during this month, November, Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

Why do I believe this letter will impact your congressmen/women's decision?

Congressional staff told me, during Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Day, that letters and visits from advocates influence voting decisions. Personal messages humanize an otherwise routine voting matter. The effort to send a note --- even if it only takes seconds --- shows you care and emphasizes the need for research and advocacy. These days it's not often for both sides to agree and support common causes. Let's make pancreatic cancer one of them!

What would a dedicated pancreatic research program involve and how would it help?

When it comes to federal funding, pancreatic cancer is currently lumped into a bucket with many other diseases that receive a defined amount of financing. For years, pancreatic cancer has been put on the back burner, getting only 1% of the yearly funding pool.

When researchers and researchers-to-be see an increase in the funding of a specific disease, they are energized. A dedicated pancreatic cancer program would encourage researchers and researchers-to-be to enhance and / or join the efforts to fight this disease. And, we very much need more medical scientists focused on find a cure.

Why is pancreatic cancer a disease that deserves its own program?

Pancreatic cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer deaths in the US, and it's the only common cancer with a survival rate in the single digits. Its mortality rate exceeds that of breast, prostate, kidney, and ovarian cancers, all of which have their own programs. I could share a long list of reasons, but if those statistics still leaves one questioning why a dedicated program is needed, hearing others wouldn't help.

We really, REALLY need your help. Please fill out the form and help make a difference.

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